Battle of the Generations: The “Trend” of the Century

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Name: Battle of the Generations: The “Trend” of the Century
Section: Community Education
Group: Adult
Category: Business
Instructor: Elizabeth Bontos
Location: Harding Middle School, Room 112, 16601 Madison Ave

Resident: $35.00
Nonresident: $45.00

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Instructor Elizabeth Bontos - Today’s working environment is being shaped not only globally, but amidst political and social upheaval. Job seekers of all ages have been left to contend for the same position and for the same opportunity to advance. But there is one novel obstacle here; in today’s world we now label every generation with a politically generated spotlight, bringing attention to “age-ism” in the workplace, as never before in history. Generational “types” have made their way into seminars, business articles, and even job descriptions in a subtle manner, so as not to offend or cause legal ramifications. To further muddy this unfortunate battlefield, each generation in their respective class have become quite blunt, criticizing their perceived assets and deficiencies. So, who do we hire. Should credentials determine who lands the job—or should this decision cost-based, should we have a balance, or is one generation the whole enchilada, to the elimination of all others, and where will age-ism ultimately lead Businesses. Considering all implications, this course is designed for any Business Leader who is seeking to hire the right person for the right job, in the context of their own operational structure, mission, goals and costs, all of which have multiple long-term consequences to consider when hiring.

Dates and Times for Battle of the Generations: The “Trend” of the Century
Thursday 12/4 6:30-8:30pm
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