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Here are four steps that everyone should take to be safe around swimming pools, beaches, boats, and water:

1.    Restrict access to home pools, hot tubs, and standing water.  Home pools should be fenced-in with child-proof gate access and alarms to alert to unauthorized entry.  Hot tubs should be covered when not in use. The cover should be able to support the weight of a child. Don't leave bath tubs and buckets filled with water around the home with small children.  Small children can drown in mere inches of water.

2.    Small children and non-swimmers should always wear US Coast Guard-approved, non-inflatable life jackets when in and around water, including water parks, beaches, and when on boats.  Make sure life jackets are Coast Guard approved, sized correctly, and worn properly. While many water parks provide complimentary life jackets during your stay, plan ahead for summer pool days, beach trips, and stays at hotels.  

3.    Invest in learning to swim.  You are never too young or too old to develop good safety habits around water.  While swimming pools, water parks, and beaches are all great opportunities for recreation, exercise, and staying cool on hot summer days, steps must be taken to prevent a tragedy.  Swim lessons are available for ages 0-100. Many local organizations, including Lakewood Recreation, offer scholarship programs for low-income families to take swim lessons.

4.    Designate a water watcher.  Especially at backyard pool parties, hotels, and unguarded beaches, designate a responsible, attentive adult to keep an eye on kiddos enjoying the water.  Drowning does not look like it is shown in the movies. In as little as 20 seconds, a victim can lose consciousness, oftentimes without making a sound. When you bring your kiddos to the public pool or beach, be sure to keep an eye on them.

For more information on water safety, swim lessons, the pools at Lakewood High School, Madison Park, or Lakewood Park, please contact Matt Demaline.

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